1. Birds at Home (Ficus Elastica) Brooklyn, NY.
  2. A path in a wooded area Vancouver, BC Canada.
  3. Sacred Feathers—and the Tribes That Need Them — Atmos — Cyril, OK.
  4. Sara in the park — Brooklyn, NY.
  5. Masks in the window — Vancouver, BC Canada.
  6. Family Album — Vancouver, BC Canada.
  7. Passengers en route from the JFK AirTrain station — Jamaica, Queens, NY.
  8. A house that was built in the 1800s Westborough, MA.
  9. A flowering bud in a garden at Hancock Shaker Village. Radical Designs for Utopia — MOLD Magazine — Pittsfield, MA.
  10. Pigeon flying over with the sun beaming in the background EROS TUNNEL — Brooklyn, NY.
  11. A glass ring with cherry tomato PearWear — Brooklyn, NY.
  12. Magical amulet bracelet — H(OUR) Objects — Sandy Hook, NJ.
  13. Portrait of Jack — Brooklyn, NY.
  14. Yuxin in the studio — Brooklyn, NY.
  15. Portrait of Yuxin — Brooklyn, NY.
  16. Lexie Smith at Sky High Farm, Life on the Ground, Death in the Cloud MOLD Magazine — Ancramdale, NY.
  17. A chair inside of a greenhouse at Sky High Farm. Life on the Ground, Death in the Cloud — MOLD Magazine — Ancramdale, NY.
  18. Georgia ic25 — New York, NY.
  19. Nym walking through a field on a rainy day Georgia ic25 — Brooklyn, NY.
  20. Yellow flowers — Brooklyn, NY.
  21. Nicole McLaughlin in her studio, flipping through specs to create a poncho NIC’OLE — Arc’teryx — Brooklyn, NY.
  22. Nicole’s backyard — NIC’OLE — Arc’teryx — New York, NY.
  23. Outside of Nicole’s childhood home NIC’OLE Arc’teryx — New Jersey.
  24. Feather — New York, NY.
  25. Psilocybin mushrooms — New York, NY.
  26. Rain / Night Mode — Philadelphia, PA.
  27. Calla lilies — Brooklyn, NY.
  28. Mountaineers hiking in the French Alps (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) — Chamonix, France.
  29. Airplane window view — Earth ︎
  30. Suspending in air, crystal ball and hand (outtake) — 2024 Predictions — New York Times — Ridgewood, NY


Amy currently lives in NYC. When not making pictures outside or making prints in the darkroom, she is cooking for her friends, collecting plants, and reading about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Select Clients:
Academy of Natural Sciences, Atmos, Arc’teryx, Barron’s, Bloomberg Businessweek, MOLD Magazine, Need Supply, NYTimes, New Yorker, Sony Music, SSENSE, Totokaelo, and more.

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